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Julio Molina-Muscara

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Welcome to my official website. Browse the site to find my latest comic book pages, drawings of celebrities and super heroes, wallpapers, pencil drawings and inked drawings. Thanks for visiting and enjoy your stay.
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Friends with benefits
Jul 20, 13
Today July 20th we (Argentines) and other cultures celebrate the Day of Friendship. Greetings! And in my newest comic book, "At New Heights", which I write and draw, the main character and his beautiful girl friend are enjoying Summer in a distant, gorgeous island, until something unexpected happens ruining it all? Check out pages 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the Sequentials page.

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico
Jun 12, 13
Juan Segundo Santello strolls the streets of Mayaguez, the beach city on the West coast of Puerto Rico. This man is the Catholic priest and main character from my SEGUNDO comic book. This page was drawn using the FITB style. You can see it here

Enter The Stockylings!
Jun 11, 13
The Stockylings is a new comic strip that aims to educate in a simple and entertaining way about the world of investing, particularly the stock market.

Bond... James Bond
Jan 17, 13
Another comic book page drawn using the FITB (Fill In The Blanks) style / technique. This page is from my "fan fiction" James Bond short story called "B-Day Gift", with Daniel Craig playing 007.

FITB Style: Fill In The Blanks
Jan 16, 13
This comic book page is the first one I draw using a style or technique I like calling FITB (for Fill In The Blanks), where some (or many) lines are purposely left out. Yet the drawing does not seem incomplete, or it does? What do you think?

(Spotlight Drawing)
Weekly Spotlight Artwork Sample by Julio Molina-Muscara

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Drawings of Jesus

Jesus: Crown of Thorns drawing I have drawn several Christian drawings, mostly portraits of the Lord Jesus Christ and a comic book story based on the Scriptures.

These drawings can be seen in my other portfolio website called Drawings of Jesus.

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